Ex Maquina (2014) – Alex Garland (Friday’s Finest)

The warnings about AI (Artifical Intelligence) from the likes of Elon Musk (see this clip) and Sam Harris are in some respect pretext of what we see eventuate in today’s featured movie Ex Maquina. Apart from Sci – Fi exemplars 2001 A Space Odyssey and Her, Ex Maquina demonstrates with jolting efficiency just how easy […]

Ex Maquina (2014) – Alex Garland (Friday’s Finest)

Brief Review of “A Quiet Passion” (Emily Dickinson Movie)

Hello Readers, I should be finishing the Bleak House book (because the #DickensChallenge ends June 9th – more info here and here) and I should be writing a short story for the Thursday Doors May Challenge (here) – but last week, I became pleasantly sidetracked with Emily Dickinson poetry. And then – yes! – I  finally […]

Brief Review of “A Quiet Passion” (Emily Dickinson Movie)