Don’t let memories blind you from reality.

In conversing with a friend tonight, we chatted about relationships and other lessons life has offered us. Whether it be family, friends or romance, relationships can be complex – or rather the people within the relationships can be complicated. I was thinking about my most recent relationship. I love him, always will – but I […]

Don’t let memories blind you from reality.

Fabulous Fashionista Ears at Disneyland Hong Kong

Just released are two Fabulous Fashionista Ears at Disneyland Hong Kong this week. #Usshoppingsos posted pictures of the equally marvelous ears on IG. They represent two different themes but are both outstanding. Did you see our article this week regarding the reimagined Splash Mountain ride? Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is coming in 2024, but you can […]

Fabulous Fashionista Ears at Disneyland Hong Kong

The History Of Queen Elizabeth’s Top-Secret Balmoral Tweed

From June 2 to 5, the United Kingdom will observe the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, marking the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the throne in 1952. During that time, the queen has issued 686 royal warrants to firms supplying or servicing the royal family, including a 1955 warrant to cloth-maker John G. Hardy to supply the tweed used to outfit estate workers at her Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Sixty-seven years later, that legendary Balmoral tweed is still being spun for the royals, although it is now supplied by Hardy Minnis, which was forged by the merger of John G. Hardy and fellow wool merchant J&J Minnis in the 1960s (today, Hardy Minnis is itself a subsidiary of Huddersfield Fine Worsteds). And though it’s been in production nearly long enough to earn a Platinum Jubilee of its own, the cloth remains shrouded in mystery. As per its special status, the Balmoral tweed is not available to the public, and is closely guarded at Huddersfield’s Yorkshire headquarters—even sharing an image of the cloth is strictly prohibited. But in conversation with Robb Report, Huddersfield managing director Iain Milligan was able to shine a little light on the monarchical fabric. According to Milligan, the cloth—which is designed, spun and finished in Yorkshire—is a “very subtle glen check” whose colours are pulled directly from Balmoral Castle’s 50,000-acre estate, making for a kind of pre-modern camouflage. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip visiting the John G. Hardy mill in 1950, two years before her coronation. “It’s all about being able to be on the estate, hunt and not be seen by the grouse,” Milligan says of its practical applications, adding that it is typically worn by the property’s gamekeepers and finished in a heavy, 19-ounce weight. “It has to keep you warm and dry in the Scottish Highlands in the worst of weather.” While outfitting your staff in a specially spun tweed sounds rather…royal, it was a local custom long before Prince Albert purchased Balmoral Castle in 1852. “In the Scottish Highlands, every estate wanted to have their own tweed,” Milligan continues. “They were of all different varieties, but it was a way of showing your wealth and showing that the people on the estate worked for you and were a part of that estate, so it was about identification as much as anything.” Now, as then, you don’t need a royal title or even an estate to commission your own fabric. Huddersfield hosts its own design department and will work with clients to create custom-woven cloths. Those interested in engaging the service can reach out through the mill’s contact page, where they will be put in touch with Milligan directly and begin the process of designing their fabric, which can materialise as a sample swatch in one to two weeks. Once a satisfactory sample has been approved, a run of the custom cloth in as little as three meters—just enough to make a single suit—can be produced in eight weeks. Workers at the Hardy mill circa 1950 and today. Milligan estimates that a half-dozen custom cloths are produced each year, for clients ranging from members of the Saudi Royal Family to Japanese cycling clubs. But if you don’t feel that the custom route is within your reach (or needs), you can get a taste of what the Balmoral tweed is like via Hardy Minnis’s Alsport collection. The book of heavyweight fabrics was introduced around the same time as the Balmoral tweed, and Milligan describes its contents as being comparable in weight and feel to the royal fabric (so much so, that Alsport fabrics were featured in The Crown). But ultimately, every bolt of fabric made by Huddersfield Fine Worsteds carries the royal seal of approval, whether its end destination is Balmoral Castle or your own closet. “We’re the only cloth merchant with a royal warrant,” Milligan says. “It does bring prestige into the markets that know about it.”

The History Of Queen Elizabeth’s Top-Secret Balmoral Tweed


A promise or bondshould never be broken.Phrases that are saidcannot go unspoken.Be careful with thoughtsthat escape a shut mouth.They could stick like glue,fill peaceful ears with doubt.The right choice of wordscan make someone love you,contrary to this,the wrong ones can undo. As people observe,minds will jump to believe.Ears hear the unseento cause what is perceived.When […]


Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Convicted of First-Degree Murder

A Los Angeles jury on Wednesday (July 6) found Eric Ronald Holder Jr. guilty of first-degree murder in the 2019 killing of Grammy-winning rapper Nipsey Hussle. Following a weeks-long trial, the jurors agreed with prosecutors that the March 2019 shooting at a Los Angeles strip mall was premeditated murder, according to media reports. Holder admitted to shooting the rapper, but his attorneys had argued that he had acted in “heated passion” and only committed manslaughter. The shooting followed an altercation outside Hussle’s clothing store, The Marathon, in South Central Los Angeles, between two men who had known each other for years. Prosecutors said Holder, angered over accusations he was a “snitch,” returned with two handguns and shot Hussle more than 10 times. A spokesman for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office did not immediately return a request for comment on the conviction. Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Asghedom, was a beloved Los Angeles rapper who made his name with mixtapes before releasing his first major-label album in 2018 to critical and commercial success. He was awarded two posthumous awards at the 62nd Grammy Awards. In addition to the first-degree murder conviction, jurors also held Holder guilty of two counts of attempted voluntary manslaughter over two other men who were hit with gunfire during the shooting. Prosecutors had sought the more serious charge of attempted murder over those two shootings. When Holder is sentenced in the months ahead, he faces a potential life sentence. His attorney did not immediately return a request for comment on the conviction.

Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Convicted of First-Degree Murder

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #206: Treasures

This week, Aletta (Now at Home) leads the treasure theme. I selected a few photos of treasures that I captured in different museums.  I always feel privileged as I enter into a museum and admire those treasures. These were carefully discovered, studied, and preserved from generation to generation, and are beautifully presented for us to […]

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #206: Treasures


Pisaster and Anthopleura When the tides fall to their lowest, they briefly expose the rocky shore’s hidden wonders. The most wondrous of those, like the colorful starfishes and anemones, can draw us in (seasoned tidepoolers and first-timers alike) like almost nothing else. Still, it’s not strange at all to surrender to the pull of lesser […]



GAIL She didn’t seem real, the first time I saw Fiona. The taxi pulled up at the double doors of the hall of residence and bulging black bin bags, followed by the thin plastic of Low’s supermarket bags tossed energetically out. At last, onto these tumbled a person. She landed like a fragile bird on […]


Matthew Mercury’s exclusive men’s and women’s luxury watches attain massive momentum in the luxury watch industry.

The more we speak about how things have been changing around the world, owing to the constant developments made by people and businesses, the more we feel the need to talk about those who bring in these changes and growth for the world to know their genius. It is essential today to throw more light […]

Matthew Mercury’s exclusive men’s and women’s luxury watches attain massive momentum in the luxury watch industry.

El Da Sensei and Sixman answer THIS GOOD QUESTION: The Reset Vol. 5

It is a blessing when remarkable persons that we admire make time to speak with us. Those shared interviews are reflections of us both, that’s why it’s imperative that what we ask matters. Two of those persons we were blessed to speak with were Hip Hop artists El Da Sensei and Sixman! We spoke with…

El Da Sensei and Sixman answer THIS GOOD QUESTION: The Reset Vol. 5

Issa Rae & HBO Max Unveil Trailer for Upcoming Series ‘Rap Sh!t’

HBO Max released the official trailer its upcoming comedy series, Rap Sh!t, helmed with Golden Globe nominated actress and writer, Issa Rae. The series follows two Miami-based, estranged high school friends Shawna (played by Aida Osman) and Mia (played by KaMillion), who reunite to form a rap group. Rap Sh!t follows their trials and tribulations as they navigate and climb up the music industry. Rap Sh!t is executive produced by Issa Rae and showrunner Syreeta Singleton, as well as Montrel McKay for HOORAE, Jonathan Berry and Dave Becky for 3 Arts Entertainment and Deniese Davis. Rae also wrote the premiere episode and co-wrote the finale episode with Singleton. Yung Miami and JT of City Girls serve as co-executive producers, along with Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre “P” Thomas for Quality Control Films and Sara Rastogi for HOORAE. The series will debut on Thursday, July 21, with the first two episodes premiering as a special event at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET. The eight-episode season will then drop one episode each week, wrapping up on September 1. Watch the trailer for HBO Max‘s Rap Sh!t below, and sign up for the streaming service here. HBO Max has expanded into two subscription tiers: ad-supported and commercial free. The platform also introduced a free tier last year which only allows you to watch certain episodes. HBO Max’s paid subscriptions start at $9.99 ($99.99 a year) for ad-supported streaming, or $14.99 a month ($149.99 a year) to watch ad free.

Issa Rae & HBO Max Unveil Trailer for Upcoming Series ‘Rap Sh!t’

The Castellers de la Sagrada Família to perform in Edinburgh next weekend

This will be the first time that the Barcelona group has travelled abroad since the pandemic. Next Saturday 9 July around a hundred members of the Castellers de la Sagrada Família group will perform in Scotland invited by the Colla Castellera d’Edinburgh. The Colla Castellera d’Edinburgh, founded in 2015, takes over the former Catalan Centre […]

The Castellers de la Sagrada Família to perform in Edinburgh next weekend

TB Evaluation at Transitional Care Center of Seattle

Public Health – Seattle & King County is following up on the report of an individual at Transitional Care Center of Seattle who was diagnosed with active tuberculosis (TB). Public Health is working to define the extent of any potential TB exposures, and supporting the facility as they conduct evaluations for those exposed and provide guidance and information to staff and residents.

TB Evaluation at Transitional Care Center of Seattle

Blogging Advice #6. Tips for increasing your views

o life, so finding ways to grow traffic towards your blog is always relevant to think about. The key though, is making sure it’s right for you. Traffic will naturally increase on its own, but that can sometimes be a slow process (really really slow sometimes). Still, there are ways for you to give it a boost on your own and that’s what I’m learning now. Just remember though that traffic also naturally increases the more time and effort you put into your blog, and please be aware that my tips are not a quick fix and they don’t work for everyone. These are just things I’ve found to help me but you know your blog best so always remember to adapt tips so that they fit you and your blog. 

Blogging Advice #6. Tips for increasing your views

Haji Harry

In the 980th year of the 2nd millennium of the Anno Domini, the 80th year of the 20th century, the leap year of our Lord 1980, a frail and strange-looking tiny boy was born to a mentally unstable beggar lady in a flimsy cloth shanty beside the Belur Math Kali Temple on the banks of the […]

Haji Harry

Ex Maquina (2014) – Alex Garland (Friday’s Finest)

The warnings about AI (Artifical Intelligence) from the likes of Elon Musk (see this clip) and Sam Harris are in some respect pretext of what we see eventuate in today’s featured movie Ex Maquina. Apart from Sci – Fi exemplars 2001 A Space Odyssey and Her, Ex Maquina demonstrates with jolting efficiency just how easy […]

Ex Maquina (2014) – Alex Garland (Friday’s Finest)

Brief Review of “A Quiet Passion” (Emily Dickinson Movie)

Hello Readers, I should be finishing the Bleak House book (because the #DickensChallenge ends June 9th – more info here and here) and I should be writing a short story for the Thursday Doors May Challenge (here) – but last week, I became pleasantly sidetracked with Emily Dickinson poetry. And then – yes! – I  finally […]

Brief Review of “A Quiet Passion” (Emily Dickinson Movie)

The Most Important Effects of Acid Rain on Human Skin

Acid rain can be harmful to humans in addition to the environment.  Ever questioned whether acid rain may possibly hurt or kill you? Here, we examine whether acid rain can have any negative impacts on human health and respond to some additional often asked issues about acid rain’s effects on people. While prolonged exposure to […]

The Most Important Effects of Acid Rain on Human Skin

Bentayga S –The Most Sporting of Bentaygas Available in the UAE

New Bentayga S model delivers heightened agility and presence Unique Sport suspension calibration for greater dynamic ability  Muscular design cues reflect truly sporting driving experience Luxurious interior includes new colour split with Alcantara® elements Al Habtoor Motors has launched the newest member of the Bentayga family, the S, to customers in the UAE. With the […]

Bentayga S –The Most Sporting of Bentaygas Available in the UAE

Black Adam trailer: Dwayne the Rock Johnson as DC’s Anti hero.

DWAYNE Johnson as Black Adam. A much-anticipated trailer for one of the most famous anti-heroes, Black Adam, has been released. and we can’t wait to talk about it as it already is a hot topic on social let’s jump in and discuss, shall we? Black Adam trailer first impression after delaying so many times […]

Black Adam trailer: Dwayne the Rock Johnson as DC’s Anti hero.

Johnny Depp TikTok Debut: 10 million followers in 24 hrs, and Amber Heard is not happy .

johnny depp & amber heard. Johnny Depp’s in his first TikTok video, Thanked Fans for their extreme support, “ We will move forward together.” Johnny Depp’s Tiktok Debut video was released last Tuesday, He made this video to thank his fans and followers for the kind and open support in the defamation trial with Amber […]

Johnny Depp TikTok Debut: 10 million followers in 24 hrs, and Amber Heard is not happy .

Kim Kardashian is accused of damaging Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress by a collector.

The Met Gala dress was worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962 when she sang “Happy Birthday” to then-president John F. Kennedy. has been permanently altered by Kim Kardashian, said, a heartbroken collector. Did Kim Kardashian damage the dress? In 1962, Monroe wore a crystal-studded gown as she sang “Happy Birthday” to then-president John F. Kennedy. […]

Kim Kardashian is accused of damaging Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress by a collector.

Was It The Dream Of KWEKU BANY (MENTOR20WINNER ) Dream To Showcase His Talent At TV3 Talented Kids Not TV3 Mentor ?

Kweku Bany one of the hottest Rapper in Ghana now . He is well known due to his performance at TV3MENTOR 20 edition. Today he took it to his whatsapp, Facebook and IG that it was his dream to let the world know his talent through TV3 Talented Kids not Mentor but Blessing Alorvor and […]

Was It The Dream Of KWEKU BANY (MENTOR20WINNER ) Dream To Showcase His Talent At TV3 Talented Kids Not TV3 Mentor ?